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Polaris: Sign-Up Post

Hi all! This is the sign-up post of the Polaris: Eternal Purple Turtle Pirates Happy Style Akame Fic Exchange of 2015.

We’re excited to get started, and we hope you are too. If you haven’t already read our info post for this year, we recommend you start there for details on rules, schedule, what all the “prompt” stuff is about, etc. If you’ve already read the info post, and you’ve been waiting for us to let you sign up already…here you go!

Sign-ups are now closed!!!

This is what the sign up form looks like:

AO3 account (yes/no):

Fic I'd love to get:
Preferred rating:

What I can write:
What I won't write:
Preferred rating:

You can sign up by copying this form and pasting it into a comment to this post. We’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know that we’ve seen your comment and to make sure your email address works. If you haven't received a confirmation email within twelve hours of signing up, please let us know. If you need to make any changes to your sign-up form after you have already commented, you can use the editing function or reply to your own comment until sign-ups close.

Because it's come up: This is a fic exchange, which means that everyone who signs up will both write and receive a fic. Hence the two sign-up sections, both of which you should fill in.

As it says in the intro post: Please give your writer a prompt to work from if they want to, and then say what kind of story you'd like to receive. Please also include any dealbreakers or squicks that your author might want to avoid. When writing, the prompts and very specific details are optional, but please do avoid your recipient's dislikes and squicks.

On the AO3: All stories will be posted to the LiveJournal community by the mod account. However, if you have an AO3 account and like posting there, we will offer a collection there for parallel posting from your own AO3 account – instructions will follow with the assignment mail if this applies to you! This is entirely optional, though – if you don't want to be in the AO3 collection, that's fine, just put 'no' in your sign-up form.

Akanuptials Note of Caution: Many readers and writers have different preferences on how Jin's marriage is handled in fic, so if you have strong feelings or dealbreakers here, it might be a good idea to be specific about your preferences in your sign-up. Meaning, for example, if you request a present-day story but really hate 'the marriage is fake'-type fic angles, it would be a good idea to say so; likewise if there's only one very specific way you can handle the marriage in a present-day setting, it's a good idea to give your writer some non-present-day options.

This is how your sign-up form might look once you have filled it out:

Example #1

LJ-name: whywhywhy23
Email: whyjenny [at] gmail [dot] com
Name/pseud: Jennifer
AO3 account (yes/no): no

Sex in the dark
Fic I'd love to get: First time story (AU or present day is fine), extra points for Kame playing hard to get. If you go for Hayaryuu, I'd like to know what happened to Yankumi too.
Dislikes/dealbreakers: No scifi AU, no character death, no waffles
Preferred rating: Explicit
Pairings: Akame, Hayaryuu

What I can write:
Anything except angst.
What I won't write: Major character death, stories with no sex.
Preferred rating: Excplicit.
Pairings: Akame.

Example #2

LJ-name: iambadwithdeadlines
Email: butnotaflake [at] yahoo [dot] com
Name/pseud: D-line
AO3 account (yes/no): alwayssubmitontime

Kame and Jin on the Titanic
Fic I'd love to get: Historical AU. For non-AU I like established relationship settings. I like when other JE people are included and I don't mind if you go wild with the history as long as there's an interesting plot. Extra bonus for Kame with a sword.
Dislikes/dealbreakers: None. But please don't write Jin with a beard.
Preferred rating: Any rating is fine.
Pairings: Akame

What I can write:
Prefer AU settings and I like tropes.
What I won't write: Kame eating strawberries, non-AU first time stories. .
Preferred rating: Any rating is fine.
Pairings: Akame

Sign-ups close on Friday, 4 December, midnight UTC. Until then, go wild and have at it!

Questions, confusions? No problem, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! Please use the info post for public questions or contact us via email at
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