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Polaris: Info Post

Hello again! Have you missed us…? ;)

First bit of news: Our founder Nanni (nightinbird) has gotten herself all busy with life and work lately, so she’s handed the lead mod hat (and a bag of minion-treats for assistant mod jo_lasalle) over to Jess, aka frameofmind6. Jess is very happy to be able to help facilitate the existence of more Akame in the world, and she will try her best not to steer this pirate ship into any rocks, icebergs, or islands full of tengu…

Second (and more important) bit of news: We are happy to announce Polaris: Eternal Purple Turtle Pirates Happy Style Akame Fic Exchange 2015!

We’ll be putting out a sign-up post on Sunday, Nov. 22, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, here are the details…

The fic will be:

• A standalone story of at least 2000 words.
• About Akame, or an Akameish pairing your recipient has specified.
• Submitted by the deadline. If you don't submit your fic by the deadline, we'll have to go looking for pinch hitters. Don't make us do that. Imagine what Kame would say.
• No shota/chan.
• Must be beta-read at least for spelling and grammar.
• Will use standard English rules for dialogue punctuation. (See FAQ. See also frameofmind6's battle scars from past fandoms.)
• In the tradition of most fic exchanges, fic will be anonymous until reveals. Before the reveals post is up, please do not repost your fic elsewhere or reveal your identity!

The Schedule

Sign-Ups: Sunday, Nov. 22 – Friday, Dec. 4 (24:00, UTC)
Assignments Sent Out: Tuesday, Dec. 8
Writing Period: Wednesday, Dec. 9 – Sunday, Feb. 7
Fics Due: Sunday, Feb. 7 (24:00, UTC)
Posting: starts Sunday, Feb. 14
Reveals: one week after posting ends

If this is a Happy Style Exchange, does this mean angst is banned?
Absolutely not! Angst, schmoop, sap, fluff, porn, and chemical formulas are all allowed, as long as it's what your recipient wants! Make your recipient happy—Jin and Kame can suffer if that's what it takes!

Is Akame the only pairing that's allowed?
This is an Akame exchange, and if you sign up you must be willing to receive and write Akame. However, you can specify—in fact we encourage you to specify—if you'd also be happy to receive and/or write Hayaryuu, Akamepi or other Akamevariations!

What if I get an assignment that doesn't inspire me?
Some writers like to write based on a specific prompt; others work best with a more general framework. To serve both types of writers, we will ask people to include a general request with their likes and preferences, as well as a more specific prompt in the sign-up form. So as a writer, you'll already have two types of springboards to start from, and you can choose to follow the prompt or to work with the general request. (You're allowed to use both, of course, but it's not mandatory!
) The idea of an exchange is to write something your recipient will enjoy, and we ask you as a writer to always keep your recipient in mind; we also ask you as a recipient to be understanding that specific details are optional. Squicks and dislikes, on the other hand, are not optional: please avoid those, if your recipient has specified any.

What does that mean?
It means that if you request, 'I'd love to read a present day getting-together story, no AU, and shower sex,' we would expect your writer not to write you Akame as space pirates, but the shower sex, while VERY VERY NICE and an extra cherry on top, might not work out—and that's totally okay. Details and alternative options are welcome because some writers find them really helpful, but we mostly expect you to fulfill the spirit of the request, not every single element.

What is that 'prompt' thing?
The prompt is a one-line concept, trope or keyword, as is sometimes used in fic bingos and fic memes, in addition to the request. It can be something like 'Jin and Kame are in a planecrash' or 'Murasaki' or 'bondage'. This is intended mostly to help the writer. In exchanges we took part in previously, we noticed that often—though not always—requests can be very general, which is great for writers who like a lot of leeway, but not so good for writers who need a starting point. Like details in the request, the prompts are optional for the writer and you don't have to incorporate them.

Is the matching random?
No. There will be likes as well as dislikes in the sign-up form, and what people can and cannot write. We'll match people as well as we can on what they say they are willing to write and want in their requests, so do feel free to be wordy give us all the information we need in your sign-up.

I'm not really sure what you mean about standard English dialog punctuation…
Along with requesting a basic spelling and grammar beta, we ask that dialogue in your story is formatted according to standard rules of writing in English. If you're unsure about this, we promise it's not as complicated as it sounds! Here's a quick breakdown of the rules:

Correct Dialogue Punctuation:
“The car is red,” he said.
“The car is red!” he exclaimed.
“Is the car red?” he asked.
“The car is red.” He pointed at it across the parking lot.

Incorrect Dialogue Punctuation:
“The car is red.” He said.
“The car is red!” He exclaimed.
“Is the car red?” He asked.
“The car is red,” he pointed at it across the parking lot.

If you want to read up on this further, we recommend the following links:

Can I link to this?
Please do! This exchange is open to any Akame fans who think it might appeal to them! Spread the word, bring your friends!

Contact us!

If you have any questions not covered, feel free to get in touch with us – you can comment here, or email us at purpleturtlepirates[@]gmail[.]com. Updates can also be found on Twitter at @pt-pirates! :-)
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